How to Use Viber if it is blocked

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Viber is a perfect tool for on-line communications. Millions of people use it for free International and local calls and messaging. It is very easy in use. Viber use your contact book so everybody who registered in Viber from your mobile address book will automatically appear in your Viber list. Using Viber can save you a lot of money.

However Viber is blocked in many places like UAE, Saudi Arabia and others Gulf countries.

The best solution to unblock it is using VPN service. (Virtual Private Network)

How to unblock Viber if it is blocked?

Step 1: Select your VPN Service for Viber

There are many vpn services available today. If you need a good vpn for Viber you need to concider those vpn provides who offer fast and stable vpn connection for your region.

It is better to test vpn before buying. Many vpn providers offer free trial.

I have checked some of them which are the best for Middle East on my mind:

  1. Sahrzad –
  2. VPN Privacy for Viber –
  3. VPN Account –
  4. VPN Privacy Services –
  5. Aeroshield –

Sahrzad offers 1 day free trial. It is enough to test if it works for you.

You can select any vpn you like.

Step 2: Unblock Viber on iPhone

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After you selected your vpn provider, you will get vpn data for making a vpn connection on your device.

If you are using iPhone, you need to do the next:

  1. Go to Settings> General> VPN
  2. Add VPN
  3. Select PPTP and enter your vpn data you receive from your provider
  4. Save your vpn configuration.

That is it!

(Here you can find the instructions with pictures:

Step 3: Unblock Viber on Android

If you are using Android you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Select Wireless & Network and tap VPN
  3. Click Add VPN
  4. Enter your VPN Account data (vpn server address, username and password)
  5. Save your VPN configuration

Detailed instructions for creating vpn in Android you can find here:

Step 4: Connect to VPN and Enjoy Free Viber Calls

After you made a vpn connection on your device you can switch it ON and OFF.

Connect to VPN before using Viber and you can enjoy this tool wherever you are!

Viber in UAE: How to Use [October 2023 Update]