How It Works?

Sahzrad vpn is reliable and safe vpn service for Middle East. It works like any vpn service. Special secure tunnel is created between your and one of our vpn servers. All your Internet traffic is passed via this encrypted channel. So your on-line activity is hidden and protected from anyone. You can surf anonymous and open any site you want. Nobody can detect this. Under the VPN your IP address is masked and it looks like you are not in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia but in the USA for example.

We care about our customers and do all in our power to protect your privacy and security.

How to Use Sahrzad VPN

The process of using Sahzrad VPN is really simple:

  1. You order VPN account from our website. Our billing service check and confirm the order. This can take some time. So if you want to speed the process please enter correct billing info.
  2. We send you your vpn account data. This process can take no more than 24 hours. Usually it takes several minutes.
  3. You create vpn connection on your device using our vpn setup guides or our support helps you.
  4. That is all – you can enjoy free Internet without any limits.
How it works

With Sahrzad You can :

  • Access blocked sites in UAE and other countries
  • Use voice and video calling without any limits
  • Unblock any restricted websites
  • Hide real IP and stay protected
  • Protect your personal and business data.

If you are still hesitating, Sahzrad vpn service can also proved you free trial vpn account. You do not need to pay for anything and you can test our service for 24 hours. This is very convenient if you would like to be sure that Shrzad correspond all your needs and requirements.

If you still have some questions  contact us.