How to Unblock Facebook Messenger in Saudi Arabia: Safe and Secure

Facebook messenger is now blocked in Saudi Arabia due to country’s “regulations”. Probable the main reason is revenues of traditional telecoms companies in KSA. Lots of people looking for the solution to unblock Facebook messenger in Saudi Arabia.

Last update: June 23 2016

Now if you try to use Facebook messenger in Saudi Arabia you got the message:

“calling unavailable because your carrier or country does not support the service.”

Unfortunately, Facebook Messenger is blocked in KSA since may 2016.

Sure, video and voice calling services let people to stay in touch with family and friends over the internet rather than phone networks. And the main advantage that this is free!

However lots of VOIP services, like WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Tango and others are blocked in Saudi Arabia.

VPN to Unblock Facebook Messenger in Saudi Arabia

The only solution to avoid these bans is using secure and protected Internet connection like VPN.


VPN masks your IP address making you completely anonymous and safe online. Besides that you can access any site you want and any service and Facebook Messenger as well.

There is only one thing that can disappoint you: reliable VPN is not free. But it is not expansive and surely can help you to save lots of money on free calls via the Internet.

You can use VPN on your computer (Mac and Windows) , planshets, smartphones with iOS or Android operational systems.

You do not need to instal any additional software or applications.

SImple step by step setup instructions will help you to use VPN.

Just use VPN security settings in your device and make an encrypted tunnel from you to enjoy unlimited and unrestricted Internet connection in Saudi Arabia.

Try VPN today for Free and forget about limits and blocked websites!


Besides FB Messenger many others websites are blocked in KSA, among them WhatsApp, Viber, others voip solutions, adult sites, gambling and many others.

VPN for Facebook Messenger