240 Escort service websites will be blocked in India

The communications and IT ministry of India ordered the Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block 240 websites allegedly offering escort services. Official reason is to clean internet from obscene contents.

The government of the country has asked the ISP to block the access to these websites or face action under the Information Technology Rules, 2009.

Some of blocked websites are: pinkysingh.com, jasmineescorts.com, onlyoneescorts.com, payalmalhotra.in, localescorts.in, pearlpatel.in, kavyajain.in, xmumbai.in, shimi.in and anchu.in, reported Times of India. Since it will take a number of days for ISPs to fully ban these sites, some of the websites could be accessible even now.

“This exercise is a non-starter from the beginning. The moment we block one site, there will be 10 new ones that will spring up with different names. Also, they can easily retain the same name by changing one alphabet. It just takes a few minutes to do so.”

This is not the first Internet limits. Previously the government blocked 857 adult websites . However after facing flak, the government had reviewed its order and lifted ban. The directive had sparked a raging debate on social media and other platforms with the government being accused of indulging into Internet censorship.

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