What is Viber VPN or How to unblock Viber when it is blocked



Sometimes people ask me:

What is Viber VPN?

Is this something special?

The answer is easy! And you might be surprised.

There is no any special Viber VPN!

You can use any vpn to unblock Viber in such countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and any other.

The process really simple:

  1. You create vpn connection on your device (see our guides for Android and iOS)
  2. You connect to one of vpn servers
  3. You can use Viber wherever you are!

So don’t believe people if they say you need some special vpn for Viber. Any vpn service will work.

The other question is that not all vpn services are the same and not all will work good for you.

In any case you can try vpn before buying and be sure that it works for you!