Want to see real Google Search results? Use VPN

google search Sahrzad vpn
google search Sahrzad vpn

Have you heard about the “right to be forgotten” rules? They passed in 2014 in the EU. This is the law states that companies like Google have a responsibility to remove personal data about individuals from their search engines, so long as that information is not of public interest and is “inadequate, irrelevant, no longer relevant or excessive.” Practically, this means that Google and other search engines must remove links to pages, such as news sites, at the request of people who don’t want particular information about themselves known.

Now we can see that Google has flushed information from country-specific search engines.

Such as, if you live in Spain and requested a page be delisted, it would only be removed from google.es. Now, it will be removed from all Google search results, including those from google.com itself, if you visit from a computer that appears to be in the EU. To get around that restriction, users may have to turn to a VPN (virtual private network). It lets users to mask IP address and geographical origins of their internet requests, which have made VPNs popular among many Internet users.

The Outside Internet

Many countries are trying to create their very own version of the global network Internet, featuring sites and information from around the world that yet somehow conforms to their own local laws. China has long had its “Great Firewall,” and Gulf countries have their own Internet blocks.

Thanks to VPN these restrictions can be bypassed . The only way to stop it would be for Google to simply stop allowing people to access its search engine via a VPN. That seems unlikely.