Top 10 Countries where Internet Users Use VPN to Access Blocked Sites

VPN is extremely popular solution to access blocked sites from different countries with Internet censorship. It is interesting to know in which countries people use VPN service most often.

On the graph below you can see top 10 countries with highest percent of Internet users who surf Internet via VPN tunnel.

[barChart width=”500px” stacked=”1″
legend=”{ position: ‘top’, maxLines: 1 }”
vaxis=”{title: ‘Country’, titleTextStyle: {color: ‘blue’}}”
haxis=”{title: ‘% of Internet users using VPN’, titleTextStyle: {color: ‘blue’}}”]
[‘Country’, ‘% of Internet users using VPN’],
[‘Indonesia’, 23],
[‘Turkey’, 22],
[‘Vietnam’, 20],
[‘Thailand’, 19],
[‘China’, 19],
[‘India’, 14],
[‘UAE’, 13],
[‘Saudi Arabia’, 12],
[‘Taiwan’, 12],
[‘Malaysia’, 12]


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