VPN or Proxy? Why VPN is Better?

VPN vs Proxy

Thinking about Internet security many people ask what is better VPN or proxy? Today we are going to tell you why VPN is better to use even if you simple want to hide your IP address.

Main difference between Proxy and VPN

Proxy servers let to hide your IP address in the browser but all your traffic is not encrypted. Anyone can intercept your message and review your requests.

VPN or Proxy? Why VPN is Better?

Let’s say you can at coffee shop and connect to an open Wi-Fi. If you are using a proxy service, anyone else using the same Wi-Fi connection can easily intercept and read everything you send. Just think about it the next time! All your data including passwords and social networks logins can be stolen.

Using VPN or Proxy in Public WiFi

When you are connecting to the Internet through  VPN,  all your data is safe and everything you send is  encrypted, and cannot be read by third party.

While Proxies can only provide simple spoofing of http and https  traffic. VPN tunnels keep safe your entire internet connection, which includes all traffic, no matter where or what it’s intended for. This means when you are using a vpn all applications and programs will work through vpn.

So if you are selecting what is better VPN or proxy, obvious answer is : VPN is much more reliable than proxy.  Do not risk! Use only secure wi-fi connections or always turn on a VPN!

You can use VPN on any device like iPhone, Android phone, Mac, Windows PC, iPad and Android tablets and any other device which support VPN technology.

Why Use VPN for iPhone and iPad