VPN for Turkey or How to Avoid Internet Censorship

In this picture taken late Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014, Oktay Vural, a leading deputy from the opposition Nationalist Action Party, MHP, holds up a placard during a parliamentary debate in Ankara, Turkey, shortly before Turkey's Parliament approved legislation that would tighten government controls over the Internet. Legislators approved measures which would allow Turkey's telecommunications authority to block websites or remove content that is deemed to be in violation of privacy, without first seeking a court decision. Under the new law, Internet providers would also be forced to keep data on peoples' online activities and make them available to authorities when requested. (AP Photo)

Internet was invented as a great tool for free and unrestricted access to any information. However today Internet censorship is a big problem in many countries. Turkey is among the countries where lots of websites and Internet services are limits. To bypass country’s censorship you can use VPN for Turkey.

Authorities censor the internet and users are trying to bypass this limits. This is like the game of cat-and-mouse. Who win this time?

Today many people are using a VPN – virtual private network to bypass the censorship and it works in most if cases.

VPN masks your reap IP address and helps to avoid censorship on-line. This is safe and reliable solution. Would you like to try VPN today?

Turkey’s Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) uses many innovative  methods of Internet blocks.

Usually, when you surf a secure website, its  address begins with ‘https://’ and it shows that your browser has established a secure connection with this website. For such kind of connection secure, security certificate must be confirmed by an internationally recognised institution.

In Turkey you may face different restrictions and limits. For example, many news sites are blocked, information on Wikipedia imgur.com site is not available.

To resolve all this issues you can simple use a secure VPN connection.

How to Use VPN for Turkey

 To unblock websites in Turkey you can try Sahrzad service. This is safe and secure solution.

All you need is:

  1. Get your VPN account data
  2. Setup vpn connection.
  3. Access any website you want without any limits.