Using WhatsApp? Be careful! Hackers are spying!

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Today Whatsapp is probably one of the most popular messenger application in the world. Just looks at google statistics below

And historical data is even more interesting


If you are using Whatsapp you must know that anybody can spy on you.

Researcher Rob Heaton said that only a few lines of JavaScript code is required to expose user details.

The man explained that using a simple Chrome extension he can easily log every time a contact was using WhatsApp and then compare this data with other users. This can indicate that if two contacts popped up at the same time there is a huge probability that they were talking to each other. Thus, allowing hackers to know who what your most frequent chats are.

“The plan is simple. Every 10 seconds, you check your target’s WhatsApp status, and note if they are online or not”

“With even more time on your hands than ever before, you go just a bit mad and start monitoring any and every phone number you can find. You start to build up a detailed record of your accountant’s sleep patterns. You wonder what it is that she gets up to until two am every Wednesday. You build some interesting graphs of the WhatsApp usage patterns of some of your exes. You wonder what it is that causes them to send so many messages during some weeks, but almost none during others,”

writes Heaton, talking about the possible vulnerabilities for WhatsApp users.

Take care about your privacy! Your personal security is really important!