Using VPN for Online Games like Vindictus

Vindictus 2010-10-28 17-21-51-73Without a doubt, online games such as Vindictus are very popular to a lot of people regardless of age. The industry of MMORPG and MMO games is continuously growing rapidly as game developers become more creative. But then, some IT staff of schools and offices blocked these games. Apparently, some games are also eager to know how to bypass Nexons IP Ban to play Vindictus in their country. Although there are many ways to do it, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is still the best method so far.

Generally speaking, a VPN allows you to unblock sites and to browse the Internet anonymously. With a reliable VPN, you are provided with a new IP address so you can enjoy games without the worrying of being blocked. In fact, you can also have access to other online games that are restricted in their country. But so far, the best reason why people use VPN is security. VPN traffic is well encrypted and therefore users are protected even if they are in a Wi-Fi hotspot. VPN is also available in smartphones.

Just like reading an article on a website or watching a video online, Internet speed is also important in online gaming. However, the main difference is latency (or lag) which is the worst enemy of all gamers. Technically speaking, latency is the route the packets between your computer and the server, and is usually expressed in the number of hops. This depends on the number of devices a packet travels over the internet before it can reach its destination. In other words, latency is the time delay during sending and receiving signals, which in online gaming passes through the Internet nodes.

For gamers, the lower the hops, the lower the latency. The shorter the delay time is, the more enjoyable the game is. It means the gamer can command the character to react in real-time, either offensively or defensively. Therefore, you should choose a VPN that can give you the least latency as possible. If a VPN service provider promises no latency at all times, chances are the company is not telling the truth. Although some of them can boost your online gaming speed, none of them can ever zero out the time delay.

Another problem of some VPNs is bandwidth. If you want to download a 20MB file and your VPN provider can only give you 5MB, then you are likely to encounter slower Internet speed. Note also that the farther the distance, the longer the data can travel. So, if you don’t want to reduce latency and enjoy the most of online gaming, using a VPN that offers higher bandwidth is a better option. It may cost you more, but definitely it’s worth your money if you really want to enjoy playing online games.

Speaking of costs, you can try free VPNs if you don’t want to spend money. However, you must remember that we are only talking about speed here. First and foremost, you want to be secured when you unblock the websites of those MMORPG games. Therefore, common sense tells you that a free service is not as reliable as the paid ones. With a free VPN, you can also expect tons of advertisements, which can eventually lose your focus on the game. And you don’t want that, do you?