Using VPN for Netflix: What You Should Remember

Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular online subscription-based movie and television show rental service in the world, with its current operations available in 41 countries worldwide. And because the demand is getting higher, Netflix had a deal with Verizon recently to connect its service directly to the ISP’s network, just like it did with Comcast earlier. As of April 2014, there are 50 million Netflix subscribers around the world, with a 32-percent share in video streaming market in the United States.

But what if you are in a country where Netflix is not yet available? Well, you can try using different methods but so far, the best way is via VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN service provider will assign a new IP address for you, in which you will be seen as logging in from the US or any country that allows Netflix. This is because VPN hides your real IP address and geo-location. And because your web traffic is encrypted, your ISP (or any third party for that matter) cannot see your online activities.

On its latest update, Netflix said that it is planning to add France and Germany and that the subscription fee for new customers will be increased by $1 or $2 monthly. In this case, getting a VPN service as early as you can is highly recommended. However, note that not all regions have the same Netflix content. This is because every region has a different license from Netflix. This is also why you should know how to choose the best VPN service provider for Netflix ( ).

With a premium VPN, you will have to pay a subscription fee besides the fees for Netflix. You can also choose a free VPN, but don’t expect a 100% percent reliable service from them as well as excellent technical support and customer service. Besides, there are many paid VPNs that offer affordable service fees. Just make sure that they can immediately provide you another VPN IP address in case the initial address assigned to you was blocked, and that they can be able to connect you to Netflix consistently.

If you are a current Netflix subscriber and you want to use VPN, you may be required to uninstall and reinstall Netflix. Your VPN service provider should have easy-to-follow procedures in setting up your device. There should also be an option where you can check the status of your connection. A set of video tutorials on how to access Netflix using VPN will also be very helpful. Finally, a good VPN is the one that can assure your safety in Wi-Fi zones or when you are traveling from place to another.

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