How to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan [December 2023]

YouTube is blocked in Pakistan for now. If you are looking for a reliable solution on how to access Youtube or unblock sites in Pakistan you can consider the following methods.

The Best Ways to Unblock Sites in Pakistan

Using TOR browser

This is free but it does not work in many cases. Also sometimes it is very slow for watching videos on Youtube.

Using Proxy

There are free and paid proxy services. You can select any. Please remember that free proxy services are usually very slow and not stable.

Using VPN

3 Easy Steps to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

1. Install the app for anonymous connection on your device (iPhone, Android, macOS and Windows)
2. Hide your IP address with invisible and 100% secure Sahrzad Service.
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3. Connect and watch YouTube in Pakistan without any problems.

Best services to watch YouTube in Pakistan:

  1. Sahrzad: Our top choice to open YouTube in Pakistan. A speedy, privacy-conscious service with no-logs policy, and a wide range of advanced security features.
  2.  Aeroshield: The best budget service to use YouTube in Pakistan. With no connection limit, decent speeds, and a major focus on security, Aeroshield makes it easy to watch YouTube in Pakistan.
  3. Relaska: Fast and reliable, with top-notch security and privacy protections. Good to get YouTube available in Pakistan.



VPN is the only solution to unblock Youtube in Pakistan on Android and iOS devices. VPN masks your IP address and sends all your traffic via the VPN server. This makes you secure and anonymous and you can easily open YouTube if it is restricted in your country.

These solutions are the most popular.

However, you can also use some software and application but be extremely careful when you install additional software on your computer or mobile device! Be informed that most free applications can use your device as a proxy or use your data somehow. Do not trust such services!

VPN to Unblock Youtube

The most reliable and safe way to unblock Youtube in Pakistan is VPN – virtual private network.

We strongly recommend do not use applications. It is very simple to set up vpn connection on your device without any apk. And in such case you can be sure in your privacy!

Please review our VPN setup guides for your operational system.

If you have any problem with creation vpn tunnel our support will help you.

Before ordering a vpn you can try our service absolutely free!

How to use VPN to Unblock Sites in Pakistan

To open blocked sites on your device you need to set up vpn connection. This is fast and easy.

After you have connected to vpn server you can open any site you like without any limits and restrictions.

Unblock Youtube in Pakistan