Unblock Youtube in Pakistan

If somebody ask you what is the most popular video service today, you answer without any doubts: YouTube!

Millions of people watch Youtube videos every day. Can you imagine that such fantastic service is blocked for you?

People in Pakistan can… Youtube is blocked in the country since 2008. Almost ten years ago Youtube was banned in Pakistan because of the videos made on the Muslim’s final prophet “Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W” commonly known as “Prophet Muhammad”. Those videos caused a huge uproar in nationwide and Pakistani authorities demanded “Youtube” to remove that content. Youtube did not do so, and PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) was forced to block “Youtube” in Pakistan.

As we can see from the chart below Pakistan is number one country by search term “Youtube blocked”.

However many people in Pakistan still can watch Youtube. How to unblock Youtube in Pakistan? With proxy or VPN.

How to Unblock Youtube in Pakistan with a VPN

unblock youtube in Pakistan

Youtube is blocked if you are trying to open it from Pakistani IP address. If you are in USA, Europe or others countries, you can access Youtube without any problems. What if you can change your IP address to Europe or USA? Will this help to open Youtube? Of course, YES!

And a good news that you can mask your IP Address with VPN and so unblock Youtube in Pakistan as easy as ONE – TWO – THREE!

  1. Get your VPN
  2. Setup vpn connection
  3. Enjoy Youtube in Pakistan

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