How to Unblock Sites in Egypt

Last times many websites were blocked in Egypt including news sites and vpn services.

According to Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression NGO over 63 sites was restricted during the last two weeks.

“Some of the sites had been temporarily unblocked but were blocked again,”

said Fatma Serag, a human rights lawyer who works for the NGO.

The official explanation of ban is government critical materials.

According to Reporters Without Borders, in 2017 Egypt freedom press rank is 161st out of 180 countries.

Many people are using vpn (virtual private network) to access blocked sites in the country.

However last time some of popular vpn providers were blocked. Among them Tunnelbear,  Cyberghost, Hotspot Shield Elite VPN (Hsselite), Tigervpn and Zenvpn.

Now Sahrzad service is working without any limits in Egypt. Read also how to unblock VOIP in Egypt.

Sahrzad vpn can be used on any device like computer, smartphone, tablet.

You do not need to install any additional software or application.

All you need is just create a vpn connection on your device using your operating system functions.

Please review vpn setup instructions.

You can easily access blocked sites in Egypt and stay private and secure with Sahrzad!

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