How to Unblock Sites in Bahrain

Unblock Sites in Bahrain

Bahrain is a great country with rich history and great modern life. However like many others countries in the Middle East the Kingdome of Bahrain suffer from Internet censorship. According to Freedom House Bahrain is not free country. A great number of websites are blocked in Bahrain. Today we are going to discuss how to unblock sites in Bahrain. But first let me tell you a few words about censorship in Bahrain.

Laws in Bahrain that regulates Freedom of Expression

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain outlines freedoms of expression, press and telecommunications in Articles 23-26.

Article 23 states that citizens are “free to express their opinion and publish it … provided it does not violate the fundamentals of the Islamic faith or the unity of the country and does not provoke sectarianism or communalism.”

Article 24 claims that “freedom of press, printing and publishing is guaranteed.”

Article 26 posits that “freedom to use postal correspondence, telegraph and telephone is guaranteed as also their secrecy. Correspondence will not be censored or its secrets revealed except in cases stated in law.”

However many journalists argue that these clauses are open-ended and can be arbitrarily interpreted by Bahraini officials. Various sources claim that in practice these rights are not upheld.

The government requires all websites are registered with the Information Affairs Authority (IAA). Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are indirectly controlled through the Telecommunications Regulation Authority (TRA). The IAA select Ministries within the government who decide to block certain websites.

According to Reporters without Borders, over 1,000 websites have been blocked or shut down in the country. This includes human rights websites, blogs, online forums and social media pages.

How to Unblock Sites in Bahrain

To open blocked sites in Bahrain you can simple hide your IP address. This is very easy with VPN. VPN or virtual private network masks your IP address and so you can avoid Internet limits and bypass Internet censorship. Under the vpn connection all your traffic is encrypted and you can surf anonymously.

How to Use VPN in Bahrain

It is not difficult to use VPN and unblock sites in Bahrain. All you need is just

  1. Setup VPN connection on your device (please review vpn setup guides)
  2. Connect to VPN and enjoy your Internet freedom and privacy.

VPN to Unblock sites in Bahrain

Why we do not recommend vpn applications?

Today there many vpn applications available and at first glance it is easier to use them but some vpn applications are not very secure and can even stole some of your data. To avoid such problem we recommend setup vpn directly on your device without any applications.

This is simple and really safe!

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