How to Unblock Middle East Eye in UAE

Middle East Eye is blocked in UAE - how to unblock

Middle East Eye website was recently blocked in the United Arab Emirates.

According to official government message:

“Access to this site is currently blocked. The site falls under the Prohibited Content Categories of the UAE’s Internet Access Management Policy.”

So now the site is not available in the Gulf country.

Ahmed Mansoor, Emirati human rights activist  said that this was not a surprise:

“It was only a matter of time before they blocked the [Middle East Eye] website. They can’t handle truth about their reality, so they solve their problems by blocking them.”

Some probable reasons of ban are the next:

Middle East Eye has reported extensively on the UAE: Gulf State’s covert relations with Israel, its political and military role across the region, as well as covering its alleged human rights abuses.

Internet filters in UAE  censors political and religious content and pervasively filters websites that contain pornography or content relating to alcohol and drug use, gay and lesbian issues, dating or gambling.

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Despite all restrictions there is a good reliable solution to access Middle East Eye in UAE: using a VPN.

VPN or Virtual Private Network hides your IP address and made all you traffic encrypted. So you are completely safe, secure and free with vpn solution.