Unblock BBC in China with Secure VPN

The BBC news website was blocked in China some time ago. Now the service recommends its Chinese users to use a VPN service. Here we are going to show you how to unblock BBC News pages with a VPN.

VPN for BBC News in China

BBC news is not the only website which is blocked in China. Chinese Internet censorship is one of the most strict in the whole world. The government of teh country censors a big number of websites, including Google services, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and others.

BBC spokesperson said:

“We regret this loss of service. We continue to work with local service providers so that specific BBC content can be made directly available to our audience in China.”

Previously in 2014 BBC website was also blocked in China.

So how to bypass Internet limits and access any blocked sites in China.

The answer is simple:

All you need is use a reliable and secure VPN service.

Many VPN services were blocked in China and now the country continues to block them.

However, we still have a safe and secure solution on how to BBC in China. Would you like to try Sahzrad service for free today?

VPN is a virtual private network that hides your IP address and changes your virtual Internet location. This helps to avoid any kind of Internet restriction.

Using VPN is safe and reliable to access blocked sites in China. Use VPN for BBC and forget about the censorship.

You can use VPN on any devices like computers, tablets or smartphones.

It is simple to setup vpn following step by step VPN setup instructions.