Turkey Blocks TOR Browser and Many VPN Services

Turkish ISP (Internet Service Providers) start blocking TOR and VPN services. The original list included VPN services such as VPN Master, Hotspot Shield VPN, Psiphon, Zenmate VPN, TunnelBear, Zero VPN, Private Internet Access VPN, Espress VPN, IPVanish VP, and VyprVPN.

However Sahrzad VPN still works fine to access blocked sites in Turkey.

During the last several years the Turkish government has blocked many online services. It blocked Twitter, when the police find out that students in major cities of the country used the social network to gather in huge crowds for government protests.

One more Great Firewall in Turkey ?

We already know about Chinese censorship  and China’s Great Firewall. It looks like another Turkish Firewall will appear soon.

In 2014, Turkey blocked Twitter and YouTube after an unknown person leaked audio recordings of then-Prime Minister (now President) Erdogan, telling his son to get rid of a large sum of money after police started an investigation into his affairs.

This summer the Turkish government blocked Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to prevent anti-government protesters from gathering and supporting a failed military coup. Because the government had already shut down anti-government press and television stations, this allowed them to control the information flow inside the country.

In October, Turkey blocked access to Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and GitHub, after leaking the information which shows that Turkey’s government party had created a “troll army” who attacked people criticizing the government online.

In November, the government blocked Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram again, this time as they arrested members of their political opposition.

Anonymity tools like VPNs and TOR were the only solution to stay safe and secure in Turkey. But now country starts blocking them!

What will be the next?

For now we can recommend using Sahrzad service to take your privacy under control.