Truecaller Blocked in UAE – Unblock it Today

Truecaller is a fantastic service which makes it possible to tell you who’s trying to contact you now. It can tell you when not to pick up. Millions of users enjoy this service all over the world. Unfortunately, Truecaller blocked in UAE. How to unblock it fast and easy. Here you will find a simple solution to this problem.

The United Arab Emirates have really strict Intenet censorship. Many websites are blocked in the country. Main topics of the ban are adult sites, gambling, VOIP services and many others. All these Intenet limits are based on the IP address. If you can mask your IP address you can easily bypass Internet censorship and access blocked sites. The most secure and reliable solution to hide your real IP address is, definitely, VPN – Virtual Private Network.

Main Advantages of Using VPN in UAE (Dubai)

  1. VPN masks your IP address
  2. Under the VPN all your traffic is encrypted
  3. You can stay completely safe and anonymous online
  4. VPN helps to unblock any restricted website


Why use VPN for Truecaller Blocked in Dubai

You can use VPN on any device like a smartphone or tablet, computer or mac book.

It is easy to setup and does not require any additional software.

VPN is the best solution to access blocked sites in UAE.

Using a VPN you can easily unblock Skype, Line, IMO, WhatsApp , Facetime, and any other blocked service in UAE.

3 Steps to Use Truecaller in UAE

  1. Get your VPN account data

    Get VPN

  2. Create VPN Connection (using simple vpn setup guides)
  3. Unblock Truecaller in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi

Using a VPN you can also unblock Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime and other voip services in UAE. This is simple and secure.