Torrenting Sites in UK 2019

Why Use VPN

Have you ever try to login to some torrenting website in UK? Probable you are already tired from all those pages informing you that the High Court has blocked it. Blocking pirate sites happens a lot across the world, not only in the UK, but in Portugal, Italy, and Denmark and others countries as well.

Today 42 countries around the world have some sort of system to limits for torrent sites, among them members of the European Union, Argentina, Australia, Iceland, India, Israel, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

1,800 sites and 5,300 domains have been “rendered inaccessible” in 17 European countries, though anyone with a  VPN can get around the blocks without breaking a sweat – even if they’re connected to a server in their own country.

VPN or virtual private network mask your real IP address and encrypts all the traffic, so you can not only bypass your country’s Internet censorship but also stay anonymous, safe and private.


United Kingdom is  very fond restricting access to pirate websites, like PirateBay. The government of the country  blocked 171 sites and 2,215 domains. The other EU countries also block websites: Denmark (71 sites, 797 domains), Italy (703 sites, 836 domains), and Portugal (827 sites, 1,035 domains).

Later this year we are expecting online age verification system and others anti privacy laws.

Don’t let the authorities to penetrate your personal life! Take action! protect your privacy with reliable VPN connection.


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