Top 7 Benefits of Using a VPN

Several years ago VPN was something that only corporate workers can use connecting to networks but today VPN is widely used by personal Internet users for many purposes.

Security and privacy are not the only things why you need to use a VPN in your life.

Below you can find the post popular reasons for using a VPN service:


Public Wi-Fi that are loved by many people are very unsafe and unsecure and VPN is a perfect tool to keep all your personal and business data protected.

Virtual Private Network encrust all your data making you inaccessible for hackers.

Changing IP address

VPN hides your real IP address and instead of this you get new different IP. So you can get an access to geo restricted sites and services, for example USA only services, UK sites and others.


VPN tunnel is a great tool to Internet anonymity. Using VPN makes it impossible to track your on-line activity and find out what sites are you visiting.

Top 7 benefits of using a VPN

  1. Absolutely digital security

With VPN you can transfer your data safe and secure.

  1. Access any geo blocked content.
  2. Download torrents safe and secure
  3. Stay Safe in public Wi-Fi zones
  4. Stay private and secure if you are a journalist
  5. Use VOIP services wherever you are without any restrictions.
  6. Enjoy your favorite games

How to Select the Best VPN Provider

If you need a reliable vpn solution you can consider the following tips to select the best service for your requirements.

1. Server locations.

The location of vpn server is the country where it is located and what IP address you will get as a result using this vpn. The closer vpn server to you the faster speed you can get. However all depends all your needs. If you need to unblock sites you have to select the country where there is no limits. If you need to get a specific country IP address it is better to consider only needed country.

2. Speed limits

Some vpn providers restrict your speed. If you need vpn for video streaming it is better to chose vpn provider who will not limit your speed.

3. Bandwidth limits

Selecting vpn provider please take attention to possible bandwidth limits if this criteria important for you.

4. Encryption and security

The most popular is 128-bit encryption. However 256-bit is more reliable. Encryption level provide you security and anonymity on-line.

5. Log files

Before buying a vpn service ask if they keep log files. This is additional factor of your safety and security. No log files mean the best level of security.

6. Price

Of price is another important factor for vpn service. But please remember that very cheap vpn is probable not the best solution due to safety and reliability.

7. Money Back Guarantee

If you decided to buy a vpn – read Refund policy. Can you return your money in case you do not like the service?

8. Free trial

Free trial is probable the best option vpn provider can offer their customers. In this case you can test the service before buying and be sure that it works for you.

9. P2P/Torrents

If you are going to download torrents it is better to discuss this with your vpn provider before buying a service because many vpn providers prohibit this activity.

10. Instructions/Customer support

Very often new vpn users have some questions or problems with the first vpn setup. It is better to review vpn setup guides and find out if vpn provider can assist you.

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