Snapchat Geofilters – How to Unblock Snapchat from anywhere

Snapchat is one of the most popular social platforms today. More than 180 million people use Snapchat every day to share photos and videos with friends. Many of these users are students whose schools are blocking access to Snapchat and other social networks. Using a VPN can help you bypass school firewalls. You can bypass Snapchat geofilters and  unblock Snapchat , Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

In some countries in the Middle East and Asia, social networking sites are censored to restrict free speech. Using a VPN helps bypass government censorship to unblock Snapchat, Google, YouTube, and more.

Below are 3 simple steps to avoid Snapchat geofilter:

  1. Get  Free Trial invisible VPN
  2. Setup vpn connection
  3. Unblock Snapchat from anywhere.

How to Unblock Snapchat

In order to unblock your Snapchat account, it is really important to know the reasons for blocking your account. It is even necessary to know these reasons in order to prevent further blocking in the future.

The most common reasons for blocking a Snapchat account are listed below:

1. Adding a large number of friends

You can’t add many new Snapchat friends without verifying your email address and mobile number. To add new friends, you need to first verify your mobile number or email address. Otherwise, your services on Snapchat will be limited. You can add friends after checking your account. Otherwise, your account will be blocked due to too many friends.

2. Frequent change of date of birth

If you change your date of birth too many times, that could be the reason for your Snapchat account being blocked. You can change your date of birth on Snapchat, but only a limited number of times. People over 13 can use Snapchat, and if you change your date of birth to less than 13, your Snapchat account will be automatically blocked.

3. Sending illegal or spam messages

If you accidentally send inappropriate messages, such as illegal content, adult content, spam, or other information prohibited by Snapchat, your account will be blocked. It is recommended that you check your posts and images before sending them to other Snapchat users.

Temporarily blocked Snapchat account

If your account was blocked for the first time, you will likely see a notification that your Snapchat account has been temporarily blocked. In such a situation, you can try some of the Snapchat unblocking methods.

Ways to Unblock Temporarily Blocked Snapchat Account:

You can try logging into your account after twenty four hours.
Try uninstalling any third party apps or plugins.
You can try verifying your phone number or email address if you haven

What is VPN for Snapchat

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a private tunnel between you and the rest of the Internet. Your VPN app encrypts all data, including your Snapchat data, so it can’t be read by third parties like Wi-Fi operators.

This means that school, office, or government firewalls will not be able to track your use of Snapchat and will not be able to block it.

In addition, the VPN provides you with a new IP address. When you select a country where Snapchat isn’t blocked, you can access it.

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