Saudi Arabia: Cyber crime law against dissidents

Fawzan Al-Harbi, Co-founder of Saudi human rights watchdog , who records abuses by the Saudi authorities, received seven-year sentence and travel ban. He was also banned from writing on social networks.

According to reportes without border:

Reporters Without Borders condemns in the strongest terms the conviction of Fawzan Al-Harbi and the continual use of the law on cyber crime to muzzle human rights activists,”

After the orchestrated conviction Waleed Abu Al Khair, founder of the Monitor of Human Rights, the cases against Fawzan Al-Harbi and his colleagues shows the Saudi monarchy’s determination to flout basic freedoms.”

Two other prominent human rights activists who are also co-founders of ACPRA, Abdullah bin Hamid bin Ali Al-Hamid, 66, and Mohamed bin Fahad bin Muflih Al-Qahtani, 47, were sentenced respectively to 10 and 11 years’ imprisonment and received subsequent travel bans of the same duration.

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