Sahzrad – the best secure vpn service for Qatar

Sahrzad - Secure VPN service for Qatar

For the record, Qatar has no official rules when it comes to Internet censorship. However, Supreme Council for Information and Communication Technology (ictQatar), the country’s telecom regulator, is controlling the online activities of its residents. Qatar Telecom (Qtel), the current leading telecommunications service provider in the country authorized by ictQATAR, has been blocking sites that contain pornography, gay and lesbian content, dating and escort services, political criticisms, and anti-Islam contents. But don’t worry; you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to unblock them.

VPN like Sahzrad has been proven to be a reliable way to access restricted sites anonymously anywhere in world, including Qatar. After your VPN service provider provides you a secured Internet connection, a new IP address will be assigned to you. This means your real IP address will be hidden, along with your geo-location. So, if you are using a VPN in Qatar, you will be seen as someone browsing the Internet from another country, the US for example. Your web traffic will be encrypted and therefore, no one can see your online activities, not even the Qatar government. Technically speaking, you are safe and secured.

But it does not mean you can choose any VPN service provider and you’ll be fine. Just like other services, not all VPNs are the same. There are free ones, which obviously will not cost you anything. But because there’s no such thing as free lunch, a free VPN will reveal ridiculous ads while you are connected. Plus of course, you don’t expect an excellent customer service for something you did not pay for, do you? Most free VPNs are also not capable of providing fast Internet connection. Therefore, it is always better if choose paid VPNs over the free ones. After all, most of them are affordable.

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