Sahrzad – the Best Service to Unbclock Sites in Saudi Arabia

vpn for Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is known for being is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. But more than that, Saudi is also known for being strict in Internet censorship. Facebook, Skype, and Twitter are not ban in the country. But in June 2013, Saudi decided to ban Viber claiming that they cannot take full control the site users’ activities. Other sites that are banned in Saudi include those with pornographic material, illegal gambling, political criticisms, and anti-Islam contents. But if you really want to unblock restricted sites in Saudi, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best option so far.

With a reliable VPN, like Sahrzad service Saudi’s Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) and its Internet police will not able to see you as someone logging in from the country. This is because your VPN service provider (Sahrzad) will assign a new IP address for you, and therefore hiding your real IP address and geo-location as well. And unlike most of the methods of unblocking sites, your VPN traffic is encrypted. This means that the Saudi government will never see what you are doing online. Your data is protected, especially if you are browsing the Internet in a Wi-Fi hotspot using your smartphone.

This is also why many businesses in the country are using VPN. They want their sensitive information well secured once they allow their employees to work at home. In addition, using Sahrzad VPN is much cheaper than using the traditional WAN (Wide Area Network), making it a good money saving tool, too. You can use a free VPN to help you save more money. However, a paid VPN is much better because it can give you faster and more consistent Internet connection and better customer support. And because free VPNs also need to make money, you should expect to see tons of ridiculous ads while using them.

VPN for Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Likewise, a good VPN such as Sharzad service does not allow any third party to intercept their user’s online activities, especially hackers. But in case the CTIC decided to block the address they initially provided you, your VPN service provider should be capable of providing you a new IP address as soon as possible. Generally speaking, all premium VPNs are safe to use to access banned sites n Saudi Arabia. However, note that not all paid VPN vendors follow the technical standards. Some of them might cause you severe technical problems if you decide to transfer to another VPN. This will also cause additional expenses on your part.

Here at Sahrzad, we are committed to give the best VPN service to our customers. And because we value the privacy of our clients, we do not keep logs of your activities, as well as your ISP provider. Our step-by-step guide is very easy to understand. We feel humble to be called as an expert in Internet freedom, but we believe we deserve the title. Sahrzad VPN has served and is continuously serving many satisfied residents in Saudi. If you want to be one of them, simply choose any of our very affordable plans. You can also start with a free one-day trial.