Proxy vs VPN: Why VPN is More Reliable?

Difference-between-Proxy-and-VPNThese days, more and more people want to surf the Internet anonymously. And so far, VPN (Virtual Private Network) and proxy sites are among the most favored techniques. For new users, knowing which of the two is better and more reliable can be confusing. By principle, VPN and proxy are the same. But then, VPN works differently which makes it more reliable than proxy sites. Nevertheless, it is very important that you know they are the same and how they are different from each other.

First, both VPNs and proxy sites hide your real IP address and therefore hiding your real identity. Your web traffic is being routed to a proxy server of VPN server. It will not appear as coming from your computer. A proxy site can be thought of as a web filter, so as a VPN. The settings are then applied to your Internet browser, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Ideally, your online privacy is protected from any third party or Internet censorship. But in the real world, this is not always true.

Proxy vs VPN

There are also different kinds of proxy servers, such as Proxy Servers (open servers), HTTP Proxy Servers, SOCKS Proxy Servers, Public Proxy Servers, Private Proxy Servers, and Web Proxies. Each of them has different methods of providing online privacy. Generally speaking, there are only two types of VPN: the remote-access or connecting a computer to a network, and the site-to-site or connecting two networks. Remote-access is used inside one building only, while site-to-site is outside the office.

But here’s the main difference between VPNs and proxy sites in terms of reliability. VPN traffic is encrypted while normal proxy doesn’t offer encryption. With this problem, proxies are not totally safe if you’re in a region such as in the Middle East where there is a very strict Internet censorship. Similarly, using a proxy while surfing the net in a Wi-Fi hotspot is not guaranteed safe. In addition, many web proxies are being blocked in some offices and schools. This is why VPN is more reliable than proxy.

As a matter of fact, VPNs have long before being used by many businesses before they became popular among individuals. With a trusted VPN service provider, companies allow their employees to open sensitive information while working a remote area or at home. VPN is also more economical than the traditional WAN (Wide Area Network). VPN is also scalable, which is a big help for businesses planning to expand. There are also several different tunneling VPN protocols that you can choose from.

But of course, not all VPNs and web proxies are the same. If you don’t want to spend money, you can go for either a free VPN or a free web proxy. But if you really want a reliable solution, you definitely need to pay for it. Free VPNs are also reliable, but the paid ones are far much better. With a trusted premium VPN (, you can be sure of faster and a more secure connection plus you can enjoy an excellent customer service. After all, these are the main factors you need if you want to unblock restricted sites.

VPN or Proxy? Why VPN is Better?