Pros and Cons of Anonymous Surfing in Saudi Arabia

vpn for Saudi Arabia
vpn for Saudi Arabia

If you are in Saudi Arabia now, surfing the net can be a huge problem. This is because of the strict implementation of the country’s Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) when it comes to Internet censorship. This includes limited use of social media and blocking of websites that they government thinks are not appropriate. You can only enjoy Internet freedom in Saudi if you surf the net anonymously. There are many ways to do that, but VPN (Virtual Private Network) is by far the best method. But of course, you should first know the pros and cons of anonymous surfing.

When we say “anonymous surfing,” your real identity is hidden as you browse the Internet. With VPN, your geo-location is also hidden. Therefore, CTIC will not see your real online details. Instead, you will be seen as someone logging in from another country, in Canada, for example. Your new location will depend on your VPN service provider. And because your VPN traffic is encrypted, your online activities are definitely safe, not only from hackers but also from the Saudi government. Having said that, below are the advantages that you receive once try anonymous surfing in Saudi Arabia.


Anonymous Surfing Pros:


  • Bypass Internet censorship, anywhere you are
  • You can unblock restricted sites, without worrying of being caught.
  • Protection of privacy through high level of security
  • You are also protected even if you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Most anonymous surfing service providers have mobile phone Apps
  • Ideal for employers who allow their employees to work at home
  • If you choose VPN, no additional software is required, very easy to use


Anonymous Surfing Cons:


  • You need to invest money. There are free VPN services, but the paid ones are much better.
  • Most anonymizers will require you to download software
  • Most web proxies store your real IP address and activities, making you not 100% safe
  • TOR (The Onion Router) usually does not work well with torrent
  • Your trust level is lower, because cyber criminals are also untraceable.
  • Children may accidentally have access on inappropriate contents.


Generally speaking, anonymizers provide huge benefits if you want to protect your privacy. The disadvantages mentioned above are tolerable if you will use them properly. This is why you should understand how a certain anonymous surfing method works before you try it. Most VPN service providers never keep server logs, which is why it is considered 100% safe. And because your VPN IP address might be blocked by CTIC, a reliable VPN is the one that can immediately provide you a new one. You should also choose a VPN that provides excellent customer service.


If you are a businessman in Saudi Arabia, VPN is more economical than the usual WAN (Wide Area Network). VPN is also a scalable solution, which means it is very easy to distribute you VPN connection once you start expanding your business. In short, a good VPN offers more than just anonymous surfing.