Why Do You Need VPN for Travels?

Travelling this summer? Don’t forget to get your VPN with you. Let me explain what VPN is and why it is so important.
VPN or Virtual Private Network is special secured virtual tunnel that is created between your device and vpn server. When you are using a vpn, all you data is transferred via this encrypted channel and so stay protected from any third party. IP address is masked inside vpn connection so this helps you to be anonymous and secure when you are going on-line.

When do you need VPN?

1. Limited Internet in most airports

When you are waiting for your plane probable you would like to go on-line but unfortunately in most airports Internet connection is limited and many sites and services can be blocked.
VPN helps to get unlimited access to any site.

2. Internet censorship in many countries

Many popular countries like China, UAE, others Middle East countries block a great number of sites and applications. If you want to use services like Skype or WhatsApp, talk to your friends in Facebook or watch Youtube videos – you need a VPN. This is the most reliable and safe way t bypass Internet filters.

3. Security in Public Wi-Fi zones

When you are at home or in your office you can trust your Internet connection but during travels we all use public wi-fi zones. And this is very risky! Any your information can be intercept.

If you want to be protected from hackers you have to use a vpn.

How to use VPN?

Using vpn is very simple. You do not need any additional software – just setup vpn connection on your computer, tablet or Smartphone and enjoy your security and freedom.