Internet usage in the Middle East

Interesting statistics was gathers by Internet World Stats about Internet in the Middle East.

This is statistics for 2015 and it includes such interesting numbers as population of the country, Internet users and Facebook users.

Below you can see a graph showing this statistics.


Middle East Internet Users, Population and Facebook Statistics 2015
( 2015 Est. )
Users, in
Internet Usage
% Population
% users
Bahrain1,346,61340,0001,297,50096.4 %1.1 %700,000
Iran81,824,270250,00046,800,00057.2 %38.0 %n/a
Iraq33,309,83612,50011,000,00033.0 %8.9 %11,000,000
Israel7,935,1491,270,0005,928,77274.7 %4.8 %4,400,000
Jordan6,623,279127,3005,700,00086.1 %4.6 %4,100,000
Kuwait3,996,899150,0003,145,55978.7 %2.6 %1,900,000
Lebanon4,151,234300,0003,336,51780.4 %2.7 %2,600,000
Oman3,286,93690,0002,584,31678.6 %2.1 %1,200,000
Palestine 2,785,36635,0001,800,00064.6 %1.5 %1,800,000
Qatar2,194,81730,0002,016,40091.9 %1.6 %1,700,000
Saudi Arabia27,752,316200,00018,300,00065.9 %14.9 %12,000,000
Syria22,878,52430,0006,426,57728.1 %5.2 %n/a
United Arab Emirates9,445,624735,0008,807,22693.2 %7.2 %6,300,000
Yemen26,737,31715,0006,029,26522.6 %4.9 %1,700,000
Gaza Strip1,869,055n/asee Palestinan/an/asee Palestina
TOTAL Middle East236,137,2353,284,800123,172,13252.2 %100.0 %49,400,000

It is really interesting that Iran is number one here despite all filtering and censure.

And as we can see in Bahrain over 96% of population are using Internet.

Also let’s remember that Internet censorship is very serious in this part of the world.

So now you can see how many people cannot access popular websites.

What do you think about this stats?