Internet filtering in Saudi Arabia – How to Avoid?


Internet censorship is a problem is many countries of the world. And it is especially strict in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). That is why you might be interested if it is safe and secure to use VPN in this Gulf country.

Is it possible to bypass Internet filtering in Saudi and stay safe ans secure?

 The short answer is YES!

And one of the best solutions is VPN. It is highly important to realize What VPN is before you decide to buy any VPN service you see online. Other methods like proxy sites may also work but they are less secure and not as reliable as VPN.

It worth to say that Facebook, Skype, and Twitter are avaible in Saudi Arabia. But it does not mean you can freely post anything you like. Besides not writing anything against Islam, pornography and political criticism are among those online activities that are not permitted in the country. If you insist in doing so, your posts will be removed and you can even be arrested like one of Saudi’s netzines!

Saudi’s Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC), which regulates all online activities of everyone staying in the country, banned Viber in June 2013 because they cannot take full control over every activity on that site. So far, the site is still blocked and there is no report as to when the ban will be lifted. But of course, people in Saudi can still access it using a trusted VPN service.

As we wrote before, VPN (like ) is safe and secure to use if you are in KSA. This is because VPN masks your real IP address and geo location, and therefore the Saudi Internet police will see as someone logging in from another country. All your traffic is encrypted  under the vpn tunnel, which means your personal data is well-protected from hackers. You will be connected to the VPN server and a different IP address will be issued to you.

In cases where CTIC decided to block you for whatever reason, your VPN service provider shall immediately provide you a new and safer IP address.

When you are selecting a vpn service provider you need to find out if they provide a good support. Because you might have some questions about VPN. This is why paid VPNs are much better than the free ones. Besides, many of them offer high quality services for very affordable fees.

A good premium VPN is also safe for online business transactions in public Wi-Fi zones in Saudi. If you are connecting to Internet in Public Wi-Fi networks you must take care about the security!

Sahrzad offers you free trial vpn service so you can experience free Internet in Saudi Arabia without any limits!

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