Internet Censorship in India

Internet censorship is common in many countries like China, Middle East countries and others. Today India has very strict Internet censure.  They restrict an access to internet sites in cases of any kind of controversial information, or misinformation, and many other “risk” websites. Internet Censorship in India is a bif problem for many users.

According to Freedom House India is the worst offender. The country blocked access to some sites at least 100 times this year. However, China is still the leader in when we are talking about internet surveillance and censorship.

The government of India temporarily shuts down telecommunications networks during riots and protests, to avoid spreading rumors and disinformation that could incite violence against minorities.

“The frequency, geographic distribution, and duration of those shutdowns have increased significantly in the past four years, since the Narendra Modi-led government came to power in 2014”

Now India has about 460 million internet users. This is the world’s second-largest online market after China.
By 2022 India is expected to have around 635.8 million internet users.

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How to Unblock Restricted sites in India

All you need to access blocked sites in India is:

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How to Unblock Sites in India in October 2023