How to unblock WhatsApp Calling in UAE Dubai

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in United Arab Emirates today. Just look at the chart below and you can see the trends from Google. Voice and video calling features are loved by millions users worldwide. Unfortunately, Whatsapp Calling in UAE is blocked as well as others similar voice and video calling services.

There are several ways to solve this problem.

  1. Use extremely expensive Etisalat and DU international calls or
  2. Unblock Whatsapp and similar services with us. You can try Sahrzad service today for free!

Unblock Whatsapp Call in UAE

How this Works to Unblock Whatsapp call in UAE

Our service helps to make your internet connection secure (like https connection) and mask your IP address.

So if your Internet provider or anybody else would like to check what you are doing online, they could only see secure https connection, like when your are using your email or Facebook.

With such secure connection you can stay absolutely safe and private in the Internet.

Sahrzad helps to avoid UAE Internet censorship and enjoy WhatsApp call in Dubai without any limits. With Sahrzad you can also use Skype, IMO, Facetime from UAE.

This is simple and secure. You can easily Unblock Whatsapp call in Dubai with Sahrzad.

How to Enable WhatsApp Calling in Dubai

To unblock WhatsApp Call in UAE Dubai you can do the next:

  1. Setup secure connection (using Sahrzad service) Just follow the instructions from Sahrzad
  2. Connect to Whatsapp
  3. Use WhatsApp video and voice calling without any problems.


Unblock Whatsapp Call in UAE
Unblock Whatsapp Call in UAE

You can use Sahrzad service for WhatsApp call on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or Windows devices.

This is safe and secure.

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