???? How to Unblock Tumblr in Indonesia

Tumblr is blocked in Indonesia. The minister of communications said that nobody in the country can access the blogging platform Tumblr. We are here to provide you a simple and reliable way to Unblock Tumblr in Indonesia. VPN in safe and secure solution to open blocked sites in Indonesia and to use Tumblr in the country. You can try VPN today for free.

Tumblr today is one of the world’s biggest social networks.  It is popular among millions of Internet users.

Indonesia’s ministry of communications told Tumblr on 28 February that it needed to “clean its platform” of pornographic content within two days.

No response was given so eight Tumblr domain names were blocked in the country.

However, there is a simple solution to bypass this ban – just use a VPN service.

This is safe and secure and helps to unblock any restricted content.

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Several weeks ago over 70,000 sites displaying “negative” were blocked in Indonesia.

How to Unblock sites in Indonesia

To bypass Internet limits and restrictions all you need to do is:

  1. Get your VPN Account data (login, password and VPN server address)
  2. Setup VPN connection on your device (following step by step guides)
  3. Connect to your VPN
  4. Access any blocked sites and stay anonymous.

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