How to Unblock Steam Calling in UAE

Steam Calling in UAE

Steam is an extremely popular platform used by millions of people around the world. However, Steam calling is not available in the UAE due to the country’s restrictions. Here you can find a simple solution how to unblock Steam Calling in UAE.

How to Use Steam Calling in UAE

To unblock Steam voice and video calling in UAE you need 3 simple steps:

  1. Get your secure Sahrzad account (3 days trial account)
  2. Setup an encrypted tunnel following simple step-by-step instructions (you will get them with your account).
  3. Use Steam calling in UAE without any issues.

Start here to unblock Steam call in UAE

Users can initiate voice calls with their Steam friends or contacts. To do this, you need to be friends with the person you want to call. Simply right-click on their name in your friends list, and you should see an option to initiate a Steam voice call.

Steam also supports video calls, but this feature might not be as commonly used as voice calls. Video calling can be especially useful for face-to-face conversations while gaming.

In addition to one-on-one calls, Steam allows for group voice and video calls. You can create group chats with multiple friends and start voice or video calls within the group.

Steam generally offers decent voice quality for calls, but the quality can vary depending on your internet connection and the region of the person you’re calling.

You can customize your audio and video settings within Steam to ensure that your microphone, speakers, and webcam are properly configured for calls.

Steam is not the only one calling service blocked in UAE.

Calling Services Blocked in UAE

Here is some other voice calling services not available in UAE unless you are masking your IP address:

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Whatsapp blocked in UAE

Viber blocked in UAE, more info about Viber in UAE.

Skype is restricted in UAE

Facetime in UAE

Why Use Steam in UAE

There are many reasons why people use Steam in UAE and other countries. Here are some of them:

Game Purchases

Steam is a popular platform for buying video games. It offers a vast library of games from various genres and publishers, making it convenient for users to purchase and download titles they want to play.

Digital Distribution

Steam eliminates the need for physical copies of games by allowing users to download and install games directly to their computers. This convenience is especially appealing to users with fast internet connections.

Game Library Management

Steam provides a central hub for managing a user’s game library. Users can organize and categorize their games, making it easy to access and play them.

Regular Sales and Discounts

Steam frequently offers sales events, such as the Steam Summer Sale and Steam Winter Sale, where games are often available at significantly reduced prices. These sales are highly anticipated by gamers.

Multiplayer Gaming and Steam calling

Steam features multiplayer functionality, allowing players to connect with friends and other users for online gaming sessions. It also includes features like voice chat and text messaging for communication during gameplay.

Community and Social Features

Steam has a thriving online community where users can join groups, discuss games, share user-generated content (like mods), and interact with other gamers. The platform also has features like user reviews and discussion forums for each game.

Automatic Updates

Steam automatically updates games, ensuring that players have the latest patches, bug fixes, and content updates without needing manual downloads or installations.

Cross-Platform Support

Steam is available on multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it accessible to a wide range of gamers.

Steam Workshop

Users can create and share game modifications, known as mods, through the Steam Workshop, enhancing and customizing their gaming experiences.

Game Streaming

Steam offers a feature called Steam Remote Play, which allows users to stream games from their own computers to other devices within their home network, making it easier to play on different screens.

Cloud Saves

Steam supports cloud saves, enabling users to synchronize their game progress and settings across multiple devices.


Steam provides a layer of security for games through its DRM (Digital Rights Management) system, which helps protect against piracy.

Overall, Steam offers a comprehensive gaming ecosystem that combines game distribution, social networking, multiplayer capabilities, and additional features that enhance the gaming experience. This has made it a popular choice for gamers worldwide.

Best Steam Calling Alternatives in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, including many video calling platforms, may face restrictions due to local regulations. However, some alternatives may be available for communication. Keep in mind that the availability of these services can change, and it’s essential to respect local laws. Here are some alternatives you can explore:

  1. Microsoft Teams:
    • Microsoft Teams offers video and voice calling features and is widely used for business communication. It may be less likely to face restrictions in certain regions.
  2. Zoom:
    • Zoom is a popular video conferencing platform with both free and paid plans. It is commonly used for virtual meetings and online collaboration.
  3. Google Meet:
    • Google Meet is another video conferencing solution that allows for online meetings and collaboration. It’s integrated with Google Workspace.
  4. Skype:
    • Skype has been a long-standing platform for international calling. While its popularity has declined in recent years, it remains an option for voice and video calls.
  5. Discord:
    • Discord is primarily a gaming communication platform, but it also supports voice and video calls. It may be used for both casual and business communication.
  6. Viber:
    • Viber is a messaging and calling app that allows free voice and video calls. It may provide an alternative in regions with restrictions.
  7. Facetime (for Apple Users):
    • Apple’s Facetime is available on iOS devices and offers video and audio calls. However, it is limited to Apple devices.

Before using any alternative, check the current regulations in the UAE and ensure that the chosen service complies with local laws. It’s essential to be aware that using VoIP services in a manner that goes against regulations may lead to legal consequences. Always prioritize compliance with local laws and respect the terms of service of the chosen communication platform.

Top 10 Countries Steam users

  1. United States: 13.7M
  2. China: 11.4M
  3. Russia: 9.5M
  4. Brazil: 4.9M
  5. Germany: 3.6M
  6. Canada: 3M
  7. Turkey: 2.8M
  8. France: 2.8M
  9. United Kingdom: 2.6M
  10. Poland: 2.4M