How to unblock Facetime in UAE


Facetime is still not available in the Middle East and in UAE particularly. The safest and reliable way to use Facetime remains VPN Service.

VPN makes you secure and anonymous, hiding your real IP address. Besides that VPN tunnel encrypts all your traffic providing the highest level of security.

There are many vpn solutions you can use in the United Arab Emirates.

We selected only the most reliable and secure of them.

VPN Service helps

  1. Help to Unblock All sites
  2. Safe, secure, and reliable
  3. Protect your privacy

Main advantages if secure vpn

  1. No speed limits
  2. No bandwidth limits
  3. No logging of your traffic


Sahrzad VPN
1 week$3.99
1 month$9,99
3 months$27.99
6 months$53.99
1 year$89,99
VPN Account
1 week$3.5
1 month$10
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6 months$52
1 year$98
 Spider VPN (for Android)
1 week$3
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3 months$10
6 months$15
1 year$29.99
VPN Privacy
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Looking for Facetime unblocker?

How to Unblock Facetime in UAE [October 2023 Update]

Or at least some solution that can help to use Facetime in the Arab Emirates?

Millions of expats living and working in UAE suffer from loneliness. Huge numbers of people are looking for some solutions how to stay in touch with their families, friends and close people.

Apple’s video calling service Facetime is very popular in many countries. It is free and easy in use. If you have iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can make free calls to any other Apple user over the Internet.


It could be a perfect solution but… Facetime is blocked in Dubai.

In case you want to call your family that is outside Dubai you can use Dubai’s mobile providers Du and Etisalat. They offer both contract pre-paid mobile services and pay-as-you-go plans in a wide range of packages.


However if you check their prices you will be unpleasantly surprised.

They have very expensive tariffs!

So now you realize why VoiP is blocked in UAE and Skype, Viber and Facetime as well.

So how to unblock Facetime in UAE?

The safest and easy solution is VPN or virtual private network.

It makes you anonymous and hide you IP address giving you an access to Facetime and other blocked services.

To use Facetime in Dubai you need:

  1. Get vpn account data


  1. Setup VPN connection (view our setup guide for IOS)
  2. Connect to Facetime and enjoy communications.

Reliable vpn is not free! But!

Using vpn you can save up to 90% of costs you spend on international calls from Dubai.


Don’t waste your money!

Unblock Facetime in Dubai and stay in touch with your family!

Save money with Sahrzad and spend them on your native!

How to use Facetime in UAE read more…

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