How to open blocked sites? The Best for Dubai June 2024

During the last eleven years, Sahrzad helps people to bypass Internet censorship in the Middle East and access blocked. The problem of on-line restrictions in the Gulf countries was discussed several times. So let’s see how to unblock websites in UAE.

What is new in 2023?

! UAE blocks more sites are services on the Internet

! Most public proxies and free VPN services are blocked

! On-line restrictions became more serious

What is good?

! Wi-fi Internet access is available in many public places including beaches and parks.


So as we can see with the time Internet limits in the United Arab Emirates are not disappear but censorship became only worse.

With time the number of tourists and workers in Dubai is growing rapidly. All people who visit Dubai meet Internet censorship, online limits and blocked sites.

How to avoid Internet censorship in the UAE?

Well, as before there are many solutions to enter blocked sites in UAE.

Among them:


I will not discuss all these methods – you can read more about them here .

I would only stop at VPN or Virtual Private Network. You can read what is this on our website or in Wikipedia.

VPN service is one of the most reliable methods to access blocked sites in UAE and other countries because it hides your real IP address and location letting you enter blocked sites, it also encrypts all your traffic, making you completely anonymous and secure in the global network.

This is very important if you are using public Wi-Fi Internet spots. VPN protects all your data which can be easily stolen in public WiFi.

With Sahrzad VPN you can visit any site you want and be 100% sure that you are anonymous. Nobody can review your Internet activity.

You can use VPN on any device which has an Internet connection.

It is easy to setup VPN connection in Windows, Android, Mac OS, IOs and others operational systems.

Another advantage of vpn is that it is not necessary to setup any additional software. All you need is just create a new vpn tunnel in your device following our simple setup instructions.

Mobile gadgets are extremely popular today.

Ensure your security with our vpn service.

Sahrzad guarantees :

  • The best service
  • Technical support
  • Adequate price
  • Fast and stable vpn connection.

Also please find out why VPN is better than proxy?

Read our article Proxy VS VPN.



When you have connected to vpn all your programs work through this secure tunnel.

So you can unblock Whatsapp, Skype and Viber in Dubai, watch Hotstar in UAE or USA TV, open any blocked site safe and easy.

Also, VPN guarantees you full protection and security in the Internet.

If you are still not sure if it will work for you – please contact us and we will provide you free trial VPN account and help you to setup a secure vpn connection!

We are doing our best to provide you professional service for an affordable price!

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), internet censorship is implemented to regulate online content based on cultural, religious, and political considerations. While the specifics can change over time, here are some general categories of content that have been known to be blocked or restricted in the UAE:

  1. VoIP Services: Platforms like Skype, WhatsApp calls, and FaceTime were historically restricted, although recent changes have allowed some of these services with government-approved providers.

  2. Certain Social Media Content: Material that could be considered offensive to religious or cultural values might be restricted. This includes content related to LGBTQ+ issues, political dissent, or criticism of the UAE government.

  3. Websites and Services: Websites featuring gambling, adult content, and some news websites critical of the UAE government might be inaccessible.

  4. VoIP Apps and Messaging Services: Some messaging and VoIP apps might have certain features blocked or restricted. For instance, features like Snapchat’s video calling have faced limitations.

  5. VPN and Proxy Sites: Accessing VPN and proxy sites might be restricted as they can be used to bypass government-imposed restrictions.

It’s essential to note that internet censorship policies in the UAE are subject to change, and the government periodically updates its regulations. As a result, some previously restricted services or content might become accessible, while new restrictions can also be introduced. Visitors and residents are advised to stay updated on the current regulations and respect local laws when using the internet in the UAE.