How to be Safe Online Using your iPhone or iPad

VPN for ipad, iPhoneApple has various ways to protect users of iPhone or iPad from identity theft. The electronic giant said that the iOS platform is designed with security at its core, and that all their devices have very high level of security. But sad to say, the risk is always there. We have heard sad stories of famous celebrities whose photos were leaked online. In fact, various flaws targeting Apple users in public Wi-Fi have been discovered. So far, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is still the most reliable way in terms of online security.

1. Use the latest version of iOS on your iPhone or iPad

But first, make sure that you are always using the latest version of iOS on your iPhone or iPad. However, there were reports that some users had a hard time installing the latest update. In some cases, the device requires to be reset because it has no enough space. This means you have to erase some files or store them in iCloud. Using an alternative web browser is not also the best option. So if you cannot get the updated iOS or your device is not eligible for the upgrade, don’t use it in a Wi-Fi zone.

Choose strong passwords

Second, choose a very strong password. Use upper and lowercase letters, characters and numbers. Have a unique password for every service you access. If you have problems memorizing many passwords, there are now services that can generate passwords for you. Also, avoid opening emails or clicking any links that looks so tempting. Sometimes, these links appear to be coming from your friend or someone you know, but not really. In short, be a keen observer especially when you’re on Facebook.

Consider iOS security applications

In addition, there are tons of free and paid iOS security apps available at the Apple iTunes store. And remember, don’t ever jailbreak your iPhone or iPad although it allows you to install apps that are blocked by iOS. This is simply because you are removing the safety features that Apple has installed in your device, besides the fact that you are invalidating its warranty. But while there are many other ways to protect your privacy when using an Apple device to browse the web, VPN is still the best method.

Use VPN for iPhone and iPad – recommended!

With a VPN for iOS, a new IP address will be assigned to you and hide your real IP address and geo-location as well. Browsing the web anonymously also allows you to have access on restricted sites. Different VPNs have different security protocols, which you can choose from depending on your needs. But more importantly, your web traffic is highly encrypted. This means no authorized third party can read your data, not even hackers. Well, they still can but only if you visit a compromised website or a spam link.

How to select a good VPN for your requirements

However, be very careful when choosing a VPN. Not all of them are trustworthy. Some of them might be logging your activities. This is why you should do some research first, and read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. When it comes to reliability and customer service, it’s always better to choose a paid VPN instead of the free ones. After all, premium VPNs are very affordable and will not hurt your wallet.