How Can I use Skype in UAE?

In 20 Skype is still blocked officially in the United Arab Emirates, however you can unblock it with Sahrzad service or consider Skype alternatives.

Lots of people from United Arab Emirates ask us

How to use Skype in UAE?

We have already discussed how to unblock Facetime and Viber in UAE Dubai.

The situation with Skype is similar.

Skype is blocked in most countries of the Middle East on country’s level as well as all VoIP services.

VPN for Skype in UAE

The only reliable solution that works in such a situation is using VPN – Virtual Private Network.

VPN hides your IP address and encrypts all your traffic. This means you can access any blocked site or service safe and secure.

Security and Privacy in the Internet

Another important question about using Skype in Dubai and others parts of UAE is privacy and safety.

UAE has special anti cybercrime law and this is very strict.

If you want to be protected and secured online you need to care about this.

Today VPN is the best solution to stay protected in the UAE.

You can get Sahrzad VPN right now and feel free and secure in the UAE.

Unblock Skype and Viber with Sahrzad today!



Why is Skype blocked in UAE