Green VPN is Not Available in China Anymore. Need Alternative?

Recent crackdown of VPN services in China mainland left many Internet users very sad and frustrated.
It worth to say that the number of Internet users in China is really huge!

Every one of fine Internet users in China get vpn service to access social networks like Facebook and Twitter, watch Youtube Videos or use Gmail.

Such popular vpn services as Green vpn or Haibei VPN stopped working by the same reason.

Internet censorship in China is one of the most severe in the world. A great number of sites are blocked in the country, such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, many VOIP Services, Google services and others. Many users in the country are using VPN (virtual private network) to get an access to blocked sites.

But now China starts blocking such service. For example several days ago one of popular vpn services – GreenVPN – was blocked. As we can see from posts in Twitter, people in China cannot use this solution anymore.

Previously this month we found out that China is going to ban all VPN applications in AppStore and Play Market.

Unblock Youtube in China


Coco, a curator in Shanghai who used VPN for over two years, said she struggled to do her job without the service.

“I need to look at artists’ works on websites that are banned in China pretty much every day. But without a VPN I just can’t do it.”

Coco said she was trying to find another VPN that was stable and fast.

“I don’t know what they’re trying to block – I’m not using the VPN to look at political content. I’m really worried about how I’m going to be able to do my job if there are no VPN services available.”

English teacher Tang Xiaojia in Hunan province said that no VPN means no entertainment.

“It’s really annoying. I can’t watch videos on YouTube”.

But there are no reasons for panic! We can suggest you a good solution that still works in China.

Below are the list of vpn services that still works perfect in the country.

You do not need any applications to use these VPNs on iPhone, Android or others devices, just setup vpn connection on your device.


Sahrzad VPN
1 week$3.99
1 month$9,99
3 months$27.99
6 months$53.99
1 year$89,99
VPN Account
1 week$3.5
1 month$10
3 months$28
6 months$52
1 year$98
 Spider VPN (for Android)
1 week$3
1 month$5
3 months$10
6 months$15
1 year$29.99
VPN Privacy
1 week$3.5
1 month$10
3 months$28
6 months$52
1 year$98

These VPN are safe and reliable – tested in July 2017 – works fine for China.

With VPN you can easily access blocked sites, bypass Great Chinese Firewall and avoid all geo filters.