Free Wi-Fi from Smart Trash Bins in Sharjah

New smart trash bins that offer open Wi-Fi access to the public are now installed in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates).

10 new smart bins have been installed by Bee’ah environment and waste management company near tourist sites in the Heart of Sharjah area.

These new tools are designed and built by BigBelly, a leading provider of bin solutions in the US. They plan to setup several hundreds of Wi-Fi bins across Sharjah and the UAE.

Double-streamed for increased solar capacity, the smart bins also come equipped with sensors to detect when the bin is full. This allows them to communicate with the Bee’ah control room, alerting its cleaning and collections service division Tandeef.

The bins’ solar panels also provide energy to an internal compactor, which allows the bins to collect five times more refuse, before needing to be emptied.

“In cooperation with our strategic partners, Du and Shurooq, the roll-out of BigBelly smart bins across Sharjah is another step forward in cementing Bee’ah’s commitment to environmental innovations, while increasing efficiency and utility of waste collection in the emirate.”,

said Khalid Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah.

“Shurooq’s tourism projects, such as the Heart of Sharjah, reflect our commitment to creating and developing destinations that are full of innovation and environmentally friendly technologies. In 2010, Shurooq and Bee’ah signed an MoU to work on transforming upcoming and existing tourism projects into eco-friendly destinations.”,

Said Marwan Al Sarkal, CEO of Shurooq.

 So now you tourists in UAE can use free Wi-Fi from smart trash bins.
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