Facebook in UAE in 2024

Facebook has over a billion users today. Which countries use Facebook the most? Below you can find statistics in which countries there are over 5 million active users. You will be surprised but such a small country as United Arab Emirates is the leader by percent of active users among the population with 9 million active Facebook users. Facebook penetration was 85.1% in 2017 in UAE. Facebook in UAE is most popular in Dubai.

Thailand and Taiwan follow UAE and then you can see the United States and Chile.

India and the United States are top countries by number of active Facebook users.

Facebook in UAE

Male vs Female Facebook Users in UAE

74% of Facebook users in UAE are men and only 26 are women.

Number of Facebook Users in UAE by Age

Almost a half of all Facebook users in UAE are 25-34 years old.

Devices uses to access Facebook in UAE

The most popular device to access Facebook in UAE is Android device. 78% of users login to Facebook from Android device.

Mobile vs Desktop Facebook users in UAE

The majority (82%) of people connect Facebook from mobile devices.

Facebook Users by City

50% of active Facebook users live in Dubai.

Facebook Calling in Dubai

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