Disney Website Blocked in the UK

Internet service providers in the UK provide special site-blocking instruments to their users. Such tools must help to remove harmful content. However, sometimes these tools block too many websites. Such As Disney Website Blocked in the UK.

Let’s find out what is blocked by these tools.

As it was expected, most of the porn and adult sites are restricted.

Besides that many VPN and proxy services are blocked. But TOR is available. It is strange, isn’t it?

UK Disney website is Blocked

The most strange thing is that the official UK Disney website is blocked by BT’s Strict filters.

Probable, BT doesn’t want British children to visit Disney site.

Every parent want to control the web and make the Internet a safe place for children. However, some Internet service providers like ISPs including BT, Plusnet and Virgin Media, are blocking the internetsafetyday.org website.

Another strange restriction is Kidsandcode.org site, that let the opportunity to learn how to code. But it is also blocked.

Besides that wonderful educational games such as the ones, playkidsgames.com offer is filtered.


One more great example of strange filtering is a historical and educational site dedicated to Viking’s words – vikingsword.com.

Sometimes censorship is good, but we believe it’s too much!

VPN for UK to Avoid Filtering

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