Did you know that your Facebook and Twitter are monitored?


Did you know that if you are located in United Arab Emirate your Facebook and Twitter account are being monitored for abusive or inappropriate posts?

Among offensive materials are: insulting members of the ruling families, nudity, sexual cyber extortion, gambling materials and others.

We have started monitoring all the social media channelsall websites and profiles are monitored,”

said Ghaith Al Mazaina, acting manager at the security quality service at the TRA. “This system will pinpoint bad behavior, such as someone publishing nudity on the internet.”

“These electronic patrols are detecting and tracking all topics and materials written and presented on these websites,”

Major Salem Obaid Salmeen, deputy director of anti-electronic crimes of Dubai Police’s CID said.
Facebook and Twitter are public places in the virtual world.

“Anything violation of the law at these web sites will be considered as abuse and will be punishable as in the real world,”

he said.

If such kind of violations are found, they are reported to an appropriate departments.

Abdul Rahman Al Mazrouqi, the manager for internet advancement at the TRA, said: “We try to get the page or profile down or remove the violation as soon as possible and report the case to police if it is a criminal case.”

On one hand this might be a good idea because:

“Sexual extortion crimes on social media are on the rise”,

said Lieutenant Colonel Saaed Al Hajri, director of the Anti-Cyber Crime Department at Dubai Police, said that.

But on the other hand I believe this is a violation of Internet freedom.

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