Bypassing Barracuda web filter with Sahrzad VPN

barracuda web filterBarracuda web filter is a serious problem for many people today. Lots of Internet users desire to avoid this limitation. Some of them succeed using proxy sites, but usually, this helps only for a short time. Mostly the proxies are blocked very fast. As a result – web users are frustrated and helpless. But you will not face such things with VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you decide to try this solution, it is better to realize how it works and how VPN can help you to unblock restricted sites and avoid on-line filtering. Also, it is significant to find out more about these Barracuda filters.

The Barracuda web filter was created by Barracuda Networks, an American online security company which was founded in 2003 by Dean Drako, along with Michael Perone and Zach Levow. After introducing its first product called Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall, several products appeared as well. Among them email archives, backup software, and web filters.

Our times, there are several Barracuda web filter models available on the Internet, with the aim to protect Internet users by blocking websites and other web contents. These products are very effective as malware protection for many businesses. The filters are used in a great number of the different organization to block an access to some kind of sites, especially adult sites. Barracuda blocks websites based on their URL pattern, domain, or content category.

How to Bypass Barracuda web filter

barracuda web filter

Bypass Barracuda Filter with Sahrzad

But by using a reliable VPN, like Sahrzad VPN, you can easily bypass Barracuda web filter. You can now continuously visit all restricted sites even if you are in your office or school. VPN can be used on various devices such as PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, as well as Android devices. Some VPNs are free, but it is always better to use a paid VPN because you can be sure of a higher quality of service and better customer service, too.
VPN technology connects two individual private networks to a public network such as the Internet. The VPN tunnel encrypts all the traffic and hides your real IP address and geo-location, allowing you to surf websites anonymously. Once you sign-up with your VPN account, the VPN server will assign a new IP address for you. In some cases, you may have a new IP address every time you connect online. With VPN, you can also unblock sites that are blocked in your country.

In such way,  Sahrzad VPN ( ) can help you bypass Barracuda web filter. This is easy and secure.