How to buy vpn service if you are working in UAE

Buy VPN without-credit card
Buy VPN without-credit card

We often get letters from people who are working in UAE and want to get a vpn for accessing blocked websites.

I am currently working in UAE and according to our company policy we can’t use our card for any online purchase.

It could be a problem for many people that they cannot use work credit card for on-line purchase.

But today this is not a problem anymore because you can pay with Western Union.

How to buy VPN in United Arab Emirates not using your work credit card

To buy vpn with Western Union you can do the next

  1. Contact us for WU payment details.
  2. Go to and select the nearest Western Union location in your city. For example if you a working in Dubai you can select your location United Arab Emirates and select Dubai as your city and see such picture:
  3. Go to the bank or money transfer point.
  4. Make a payment
  5. Provide us with the details.
  6. Get VPN data
  7. Setup vpn connection on your devide
  8. Open any blocked site and enjoy your freedom in the Internet.

The main advantages of using a VPN

VPN or Virtual private network is a secure encrypted tunnel that helps:

  1. Mask your real IP address
  2. Make you secure and anonymous
  3. Access any blocked website
  4. Keep all your data safe and protected

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