3 Main Reasons to Use VPN (2024)

VPN Sahrzad

VPN technology was invented over ten years ago. Today its popularity is increasing dramatically because of its useful features.

Virtual private network ( VPN ) is used for numerous reasons:

  • User’s privacy and security
  • Bypassing geo restrictions
  • Accessing blocked sites

And others

Let’s review the most popular uses of VPN.

Security protection


Virtual Private Network encrypts your Internet connection.

This means no one can monitor your browsing activity.

VPN masks your IP Address and location.

This is especially useful for those traveling, conducting business, and streaming content while abroad.

Over the past years cybercrime number is rising. Today more and more people are looking for some solutions to protect themselves on-line. And this is the case when VPN is indispensable, particularly when public wi-fi hotspots are used.

If you are not using a VPN, any third parties like hackers can easily intercept your business and private data.

With VPN encryption your IP is protected and all traffic is encrypted.

As a result – you are secure and private on-line!

And you can be sure that your personal data, e-mails, financial transactions are protected.

 Access Blocked Sites


The second great reason why people are using VPN solutions is to open blocked sites and bypass network restrictions and censorship.

This is especially important for such countries as China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey and others where lots of sites and services are inaccessible.

Certain types of content are blocked: gambling,  adult content, VOIP, Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, and others.

As far as VPN provides you an alternative IP, you can choose a new location from a country where the site is not restricted.

Using p2p sites


Using torrents is forbidden in many countries. And in addition, it is punishable. So many people are using vpn for safe and anonymous torrents downloading.

The best VPN solutions we can recommend:

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